From Ms. W

     Would you please pass on a HUGE "Thank you" to Ross Greenwood for his excellent and sensitive service when he attended today. I knew this was going to be a most unpleasant job (having seen the problem for myself) and I really do appreciate his kindness in dealing with the problem.

     Miss [x} has learning disabilities and it is very difficult to get through to her. She is one of those poor unfortunates who was shoved into the community when all the care homes closed and struggles to cope. Ross was a DIAMOND!

From Ms. L

     Words cannot be found that are great enough to express the depth of our gratitude to you for your magnificent work in unblocking our drain

     Your skill is of the highest order (your diplomatic skills, also!!) We are so impressed, and so grateful. We had been so anxious and so miserable and uncomfortable until you came on the scene.

     I have just written to the environmental Health Office; I quote from my letter :-

     "Mr. Greenwood, of Advanced Blockage Clearance, arrived most promptly and succedded where a succession of other Plumbers and Drainage Engineers had failed to 'remove the problem'. He was magnificent, and we cannot praise him too highly"

     We shall never forget you, you have our eternal gratitude.

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